My Approach // Storytelling With Photos


It's always my aim to tell the story of your wedding day in an honest, authentic yet creative way. I don't interfere with what is happening around me and my camera, I simply let the day unfold and capture it as creatively as I can.


The 'In-Between' Moments

I love capturing the things that a bride and groom miss on their wedding day. There is so much going on at weddings - happy faces, belly laughs, kids unaware of their surroundings, and then of course there are the dance moves later in the day! These moments are my favourite and I'm often found, camera to my face, waiting for them!

What About Group Photos? 

Although I spend most of my time on a wedding day documenting real moments happening in front of me, I do usually take some posed family group photos photos. Although they can seem boring, it can be so great for future generations to look back on them and remember who everyone was and what they were wearing.

Couples Portraits

I love to spend about half an hour with just the two of you. Sometimes this is all at once, and some times it will be split into two, once during the reception and again later on when the sun is setting or dusk has set in. It's often a couple's favourite time, when they can have a moment to themselves, away from the craziness of their wedding day.


A Springtime Wedding In The Cotswolds

Olivia & Adam got married at Foxhill Manor and their day was absolutely perfect. They even had this gorgeous sunset. 


I aim to blend in with wedding guests, so I'm able to capture moments without people being conscious there's a photographer around. 


Capturing Dance Floor Madness

Photography is about light and shadow, and I love using both in my photos. If there's loads of natural light, great, but when working in low light, which is usually the case on the dance floor, I love using wireless controlled lighting to add impact to my images.