Andy managed not just to take some beautiful portraits of the two of us, but also capture the little moments. We love the shot of Bilal, the moment after he smashed a glass whilst trying to get everyone's attention. It makes us laugh every time we see it!

Bilal and Aale, the Kahloons.


I've been taking photos for 18 years and for 5 years (and counting) I have been living my dream and taking photos for a living.

I get a real kick out of capturing weddings. They're always awesome days full of happiness, laughter, tears (of the good sort) and dancing. I got married myself not long ago and I learned a great deal from being on the other side of the camera.

My aim is to take photos that make the viewer feel like they were there, or simply remind people what it felt like in that moment. I'm often close to the action, rather than photographing it all from a distance. The photos feel like they were taken by a family member from up close, in the thick of it, rather than a photojournalist taking photos from the outside, looking in.  Read more about my approach.

Given that many weddings are planned over the course of many months, the actual day can flash by in an instant. I like to think I help you remember the day for many years afterwards through timeless photos.

Of course if you would like posed family portraits then that's great, it's your day after all! I do like to spend twenty or thirty minutes with the bride and groom during the drinks reception to give them a quick break from the madness of the day whilst also taking some lovely portrait photographs.

Thank you very much for visiting my website - I hope to hear from you soon.